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Double Glazing Problems.

Upvc windows and doors over time can experience numerous problems, in this article we will examine some of the most common double glazing problems and how the problems can be solved.
Misted double glazed units caused when the sealed glazing unit as broken down is one of the most common double glazing problems. Fortunately misted units can easily be solved by replacing the unit with another sealed glazing unit. If the misted units are several years old then it would be advisable to upgrade to new energy efficient sealed units for better heat retention and should repay for themselves over time.
Over time another common upvc window and door problem is broken window and door handles and locks. Fortunately broken window and door locks and handles can easily be changed by a competent diy person. Several companies offer replacement window and door handles and locks if possible look for a brand name so the same handles or locks can be easily sourced.
Another problem with upvc doors is broken or discolored  upvc door panels. A little more tricky to source and swop but if you have a jigsaw to cut a upvc door panel down then if you measure the existing panel and mark out with pencil you will be able to swop the damaged door panel relatively easily.
Off course if you don’t feel confident you may need to call in a double glazing company to swop the damaged upvc door panel, the cost should be a lot less than having a new upvc door but make sure your existing door is worth repairing else you may be better in the long run in buying a new upvc or composite door.
Upgrading old double glazed units to k glass or argon filled sealed double glazed units may be worth doing if heat savings are required.If security is an issue then upgrading old and poor working handles and locks may also be a good investment.
Another window problem is broken window hinges new hinges can be obtained online same with door hinges and are straight forward to replace.
Most double glazing repairs can be solved by a competent tradesman or diy person but if you do not feel happy in tackling double glazing problems then it would probably be a good idea to call in experts used to solving window and door problems.

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